Domotics must be easy.
You already know how to use WarmBoy!


Getting Home in an Ideal Climate

Getting home in a comfortable warmth is nice, but can be a problem if you do not get home always at the same time.

If it is cold, you have to switch on heating or adjust the thermostat, and wait several hours before enjoying the right temperature.

Heat, how much you cost me!

You can use a thermostat, or better a chronothermostat, to have the right temperature at the right time.
But if you get home later than usual, precious heating hours will be wasted.
It is an economic loss, as well as an environmental damage.

Remote Switching lets you save Money

WarmBoy lets you switch on heating only when you really need it.

WarmBoy is a GSM remote control: actually, it is a kind of mobile phone connected to your heating plant.

You can switch heating on and off, simply sending phone rings from your mobile phone or from your office telephone.
Phone rings are free; and smart heating switching will meke you save a lot of money, without any comfort sacrifice.

Sending Commands

Try it now

On this page you can see a demo installation in our lab.
It is a real WarmBoy, that you can call by your telephone, at any time, completely free.
You will switch a light on and off, testing you remote command in action.

A WarmBoy for every Need

On this page you can find a description of the different WarmBoy models.
Choose the one that best fits you!

An Italian product

WarmBoy is designed and built in Italy.
Our staff is always available to solve any doubt or problem.

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