FreezerBoy monitors temperature in fridge counters and cold rooms, and sends alarms if it raises above a preset value.
It can log temperatures.


Surveillance of Fridge Counters and Cold Rooms

FreezerBoy monitors temperature in fridge counters and cold rooms by means of a temperature probe.
It comes with one-meter long probe, that allows mounting the device out of the room, in order to have an optimal telephone transmission.
The probe length can be easily extended, like a common electrical wire.
Should temperature raise above a preset value, FreezerBoy sends a series of alarms on the gsm telephone net.

You can install FreezerBoy also aboard a refrigerated truck.

At any moment, FreezerBoy can be remotely queried to know real-time temperature.

Configuration is easily done by sms's:
From now on, your foodstuffs will never be alone!

FreezerBoy will monitor them continuously, for an extremely interesting price.

Temperature Logging

A single device for multiple temperature logging (up to 12), at a reasonable price, according to present laws.
Temperatures are logged on a standard memory card, ready for filling the HACCP registers.

Wireless Sensors

Wireless temperature and temperature/humidity sensors are available.
Wired and wireless sensors have pros and cons, and a choice must be made according to the specific application.
Our staff is happy to help you evaluate the optimal configuration.

Communication on Landline Telephone

The central unit is available in the landline telephone version.
In this case, remote commands are sent by the telephone dialer, and answers and alarms are supported by a vocal synthesizer system.

Custom Solutions

We can deliver custom solutions in a short time, for instance with multiple or different kinds of sensors, or maybe connecting to already installed alarm central units.
Direct connection with a computer is also possible, via wired LAN or WiFi, and even remotely via internet, using an existing router.
Contact us: we shall be happy to offer you the optimal solution.

Real-world Cases

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